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by Jen

This was my tenth anniversary otter. Woot! I’m not generally a fan of the early morning start. Really, nothing important in life should ever happen before 10 am. But John and I hauled ourselves out of the every stylin’ Salinas Motel 6, drank our Bella Blend espressos, ate our rainbow sprinkles, and drove on out to Laguna Seca all dark and early like. Unlike the last few years of chaos, we got to drive right in and park real close like (last year, we ignored parking attendants, signage, and assorted barricades and dumped the car at random – miraculously, it was actually still there when we got back.). This early morning start thing, looking better and better.

Bike race part. Chatted it up with Ryan at the start. Always fun to have friends at the bike race. Rolly-rollyied around the track toward the back, then used that nice taily wind up the road climb to find the front for the start of the dirty fun. There followed lots of bikey riding. Woopty-woop up and down the hilly hills. Got all cattywampus in the sand. Ack, who put that there? Pedal pedal pedal up the little climbs. Wow, cool rainforesty single track. Is that moss hanging in the trees? Pedal, pedal. Swoosh through the ticky-tacky corners. Bobsleddery. Pedal, pedal. What’s this road descent doing here? And back up we go. Woosh. Oh, my, that’s quite a head wind isn’t it. Ok, almost there, gotta go hard, maybe I can catch a few before the line. PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL. Oops, one more climb, forgot about this one. PEDAL, PEDAL. Down the track. PEDAL. Any y’all seen a finish line ’round here? Woop, there it is.

I finished somewhere around 16th of 40ish. Weird thing, these combined age groups. It was too much fun being a Bella; lots of cheering fans, which made me grin. That, and the socks; it’s all about the socks. Big Congrats to Ryan for the podium finish!

John managed two laps without harming any trees or other wildlife. Both John and bike finished in one piece.

Then, I did some booth time (pics above). It was such onerous work, what with the dancing and hula-ing, and the coffee drinkin’. I flaired out lots of little (and not so little) girls with beads. So shiney. Happiness all around.

Boy 1: I wanna get one of these boy beaters for my girlfriend.
jen: What size do you need?
Boy 1: Uhhhh.
(jen holds up some sizes)
Boy 1: Uh, she has like big boobs (makes boob shape with hands)
jen thinks, congratulations, are they real?
Boy 2: get the small, it’ll be all like tight and stuff. she’ll look hot.
Boy 1: Uhhhh, ok, I’ll take a small.

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