NY Bellas Tri-ing – Green Lakes Triathlon Report – Jano

June 21, 2007 · Print This Article

Ok…it was a perfect day weather-wise and with 275 folks showing up to get wet, hot and pooped. The biggest decision was wet suit or no wetsuit? I know Sue was trying to decide since water was warm and very calm until people start thrashing and struggling for a spot (which can be very intimidating.) Sue can tell you how the swim went for her.

No wetsuit for me. I somehow was put into the first wave of very svelt, muscle-ly handsome guys (and gals!) so I tried to seed myself accordingly for survival. I opted to be on the outside middle which fast became a muddled crowded squisshy mess for about 5 minutes with several hesitant swimmers looking up out of water (NOT a good idea in a beginning swim race) managed to weasle out into calmer surroundings and pushed forward…God this swim seems longer than couple years ago!

Finally on land to the bike yeah! Best part. T1 was good and off I went a little disorientated and veered off onto grassy part side of road (remember Lance in ! the tour a few years ago?) crap. managed to regain control (thanks to MTB experience!) back on road and zoom on nice flat course for about 8 miles. Being in first wave you end up biking with a billion pro-ish bikers passing you like nuthin’. No worries, mostly guys (I think) ride good averaged 20mph which is great for me (no drafting aloud) ) until the hill. Crap. Survived.

On to run my weakness but managed to run with a great young gal who we pushed together and chatted about pleasant things (Her mom who was a couple years younger than me was doing race also!) yeah..finish! Got first in age group (50-54) which is first for me but very close with a couple other ladies. So Sue did GREAT for first tri and soon will kick butts after a little work on the swim! The times of the first several winners were amazing and can’t imagine how they do it!

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