Owasco Flyer – June 24

June 25, 2007 · Print This Article

LiLynn’s steriod induced Report:

It was a dark and stormy night. Well actually it was a beautiful sunny morning with temps around 70 at 9:30am as the beautiful bella babes were conversing with the new bella baby getting her prepped for her first race as a bella. This took at least a half an hour of warm up. First we had to attach the pink fluff to her end of the tandem and then doll up her hair with the blue hair dye and finally find a pair of bike shorts that would stay up for at least 2 hrs.

The bella team was ready for action once again – out for a great time, maybe even some great results. The race started with over 200 riders of all abilities (very scary), all at once following a pace “car” through town.
I could not believe they chose to have a semi truck as a pace car with our own bella, Sue Attwood driving. over the speaker I kept hearing, “stay up near the front bella’s, 10-4 good buddy” – totally freakin me out. Always good to know your pace car driver though.

But just before the hill the back of the semi opened up and there was Madonna again with her microphone cheering us on saying “..keep up the cadence, babes. ..You’re lookin good…” Well I almost fell off my bike at that point and the rest of the peleton is wondering if this was just a bella affair or what.

Well I had been having some asthma issues all week and still suffering and had to back off so I lost sight of the semi but saw
Gaetane hammering up with the mens trying to stay on the wheel of the ironman triathlete woman and wait, there was Kate with the mens too! Kate was a total animal in heat, going for the ironman.

Woman on a mission. pedal to the metal. Kinda had that psycho look in her eyes. Even Gaetane backed off. I bade farewell to my mates and set into a pace I could manage to breathe without fainting. If I had a wheel to ride I was fine and on the hills I practiced Child bearing breathing with lots of concentration and a high cadence I could get up the hills but had a hard time on the flats. Very frustrated. Suddenly lost my wheels to ride for a few miles after ditching a couple woman on the last big hill.

Out of nowhere came mighty mouse Sue Kahler.

Whoopie! She instantly became coach and we were off. She put me on her wheel and we road several miles together on the gradual downhill flying like the wind. This little thing “sue” was belting out orders to me left and right. Cracking me up. I didn’t dare have an asthma attack. We hit a hill and I did a goober shift while stressing about the tracter mowing the hay field off to the side as the wind blew towards me anticipating my poor lungs rebelling when I blew my chain off.

Jenn came up behind me and I had that chain on in record time and we sprinted up before I had to breath that hay in. Off to my right I see Jano dripping wet running up the hill. She had just swam accross Owasco lake to come see us finish. Crazy triathlete bellas. Well we were doing everything we could to try to catch Jano. Streak lightning. As we came into the the last roller to the finish I was distracted by this woman whose car was pulling out in front of me with the marshal almost on her hood and the woman yelling at her that she had road rights too. I actually almost stopped to punch her out but figured i’d
leave that up to the semi truck driver.

All in all the bella’s had a great showing. Only the visible Bella’s made the standings but the bella’s overall ‘in my mind’ fared very well in the standings and looked good too. If you only could have seen Sue driving that semi!

I will be making a comeback. Since the race I have been put on steroids for my asthma issues these past few weeks so watch out world. LiLynn is on steroids! Photo to prove it.

Ellie Bayles (new bella!) and her dad were 3rd in the tandem division.
Lylynn 2nd Women 50+
Sue 1st Women 50+ (There were a LOT of 50+ women!)
Kate 2nd woman overall

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