Wet Weekend Bella Blues

September 17, 2007 · Print This Article

Gaetane was the only NY Bella (and only one of 5 women overall) to attempt the Colgate RR Saturday, Sept 15. She looks ready to do her thing with the Master Mens in this picture, but this might have been the last moment of sunlight.

Here she is riding away with the wind and rain blowing at her and this stretch of road was the dealbreaker. Why bother, she said, when the road was so steep and slippery from the rain that her back wheel was slipping, she lost the pack and it was just plain miserable. See below:

She’s telling the goddam photographer to get the &*%$#@! photo shoot over and let her head back to the car, for Pete’s sake!

In the meantime, other insane TRI-bellas were unbelieveably SWIMMING in the freaking lake! Yes, call them crazy, and I certainly do, but Sue-A and Jan-O were frolicking in the reservoir near Janet’s house in 50 degree temperatures. Sure it was raining too, but they claim they were already wet.

We also thought that Nutter LiLynn was riding the notorious Midlander (seriously painfully hilly metric century which also costs $60) (and is a 2 hr drive)(and starts at 8 am) in the cold and rain, but thankfully she was swayed by Bella-pal Laurie from Ithaca, who claimed to be a fair weather rider and just felt it was a little too crummy out. Whew. Thank god someone can reign in that cycling maniac.

That’s it for now – The Finger Lakes Tri is the event of the coming weekend (Sept23) and Sue Atwood and Janet Ohlsen will be representing our grrrrls there and kicking some Popo. (That’s butt in German, not "police" fyi.) Wish are women good swimmin’ etc!

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