NY Bellas’ Katina maintains series lead!

October 20, 2007 · Print This Article

CNY Bellas Katina and Sue A hurled themselves along the challenging ‘cross course at Liverpool’s Long Branch Park last weekend. Sporting the appropriate Bella flair (Katina has yet to add fluff to her seat tube – a must for the next race.) and sassy! attitude, our grrrrls represented us proudly.

The course was said to be a bit soft in some spots and the run-up quite the rascal of a climb, but both found themselves enjoying the twists and turns.
Sue displaying the patented "Jan-O Classic Leftie Push-and-Go technique"

Sue Post Race

Here’s Katrina’s winning style of remounting.

Katina 1st in Master Women, maintaining her 1st place standing in the CNY series.
Sue 6th in Open Women and coming in 7th in the series.

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