October 13, 2007

Gran Prix of Gloucester-1, MA
9th, Melanie Swartz, Elite Women
12th, Jennifer Tilley, Elite Women
23rd, Stephanie White, Elite Women
29th, Anna Milkowski, Elite Women

Central Coast Cyclocross #3, Fort Ord, CA
2nd, Barbara Howe, Elite Women
5th, Natasha Perry, Elite Women
6th, Ann Fitzsimmons, Elite Women
3rd, Soni Andreini Poulsen, Women B
6th, Katrina Loera, Women B
2nd, Beth Welliver, Women C
3rd, Amy Abele, Women 45+

Utah Cyclocross Series #3–Rocky Mountain Raceway, UT
2nd, Kathy Sherwin, Women A

Olga’s 2007 Track Debut

October 10, 2007




Here’s a little update on what our new Ukrainian Track Racer has been up to this year! What a busy bee!




General info about my racing for bellas this season (track only)
1. Track clinic with Cathy in March, Cat 4 trackie
2. Mayor Taylor velodrome (Indianapolis)
· Indianapolis, Major Taylor Velodrome: July 6th, 2007, Friday Night racing: Time Trials: 200m: 2nd, 500m: 5th
· Indianapolis, Major Taylor Velodrome: June 15, 2007 Friday Night racing,: 5 lap scratch: 2nd place, elimination: 4th place, 15 lap points: 3rd place
· Indianapolis, Major Taylor Velodrome: June 08, 2007 Friday Night racing, 5 lap scratch race: 6th, Elimination 7th, 24 lap point 9th;
· Indianapolis, Major Taylor Velodrome, May 17th, 2007: Thursday night, intro racing: Points race
3. Atlanta, Dick Lane Velodrome, :
· June 30th, 2007: Festival of Speeds #2: 200m TT : 14.76 (5th place), Points race: 3rd place, Miss-and-Out: 3rd place, Snowball: 3rd place, Overall: 4th place (7points)
· September 22nd, 2007, Festival of Speed #3: Miss-and-Out: 3rd, Points race 4th
4. Masters Nationals in Trexlertown, PA: Points race 4th

Somewhere in between July and August I was upgraded to track Cat 3.

Besides the track racing, I’m gonna race with VeloBellas on road next season as well. We will have fun, ladies.







October 8, 2007

Jamestown Classic Bike Race, RI
9th, Ivy Luhrs, Women 1/2/3

October 7, 2007

Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross #1–Sierra Point, CA
8th, Rebecca Dyas, Women C
19th, Linda Locke, Women C
4th, Andi Mackie, Women 35+ A
12th, Natasha Perry, Women A
7th, Sabine Dukes, Women B
14th, Katriana Loera, Women B
15th, Marian Hunting, Women B
16th, Erika Donald, Women B
24th, Soni Andreini Poulsen, Women B

Super Cross Cup #2, NY
3rd, Barbara Howe, Elite Women
5th, Anna Milkowski, Elite Women
16th, Melanie Swartz, Elite Women
18th, Stephanie White, Elite Women

Rose Pedal Criterium, NY
1st, Ivy Luhrs, Women

Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series #1–Military Hill Park, WA
3rd, Erika Krumpelman, Women

October 6, 2007

2007 Northern California/Nevada Best All Around Rider
5th, Tracy Loper, Women 4

2007 Northern California/Nevada Best All Around Team
5th, Velo Bella-Kona, Women 1/2
1st, Velo Bella-Kona, Women 4

Super Cross Cup #1, NY
3rd, Barbara Howe, Elite Women
4th, Anna Milkowski, Elite Women
18th, Melanie Swartz, Elite Women
19th, Stephanie White, Elite Women

Tour de Parc Criterium, NY
??, Ivy Luhrs, Elite 3/4

Crosstoberfest, WA
3rd, Kari Studley, Women 1/2
5th, Sara Johnson, Women 1/2

Katina Takes the Swandrome – Sat, Sept 29

October 5, 2007

She may be humble, but our new NY Bella has style and speed. (Check out the polka-dot socks) She claims it was another tough race for her and that she was caught between two women with 4 laps to go, when her former teammate from the old MinM team did drop off, and Katina had to attack on the last half lap, managing to squeeze out a win by a few seconds. That’s all you need!

Good luck in Cooperstown for race #3 in the series, and keep us posted!

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