December 13-16th

December 16, 2007 · Print This Article

Cyclocross National Championships, KS

3rd, Alicia Styer, Women 10-12
1st, Shannon Gibson, Women 40-44
7th, Jennifer Tilley, Women 30-34
19th, Melody Chase, Women 30-34
1st, Amy Dombroski, Women U23
4th, Natasha Cowie, Women U23
2nd, Stephanie White, Collegiate Women
16th, Kathy Sherwin, Elite Women
17th, Barbara Howe, Elite Women
18th, Amy Dombroski, Elite Women
22nd, Stephanie White, Elite Women
25th, Melanie Swartz, Elite Women
28th, Shannon Gibson, Elite Women
33rd, Anna Milkowski, Elite Women
35th, Natasha Cowie, Elite Women
37th, Maria Stewart, Elite Women
39th, Jennifer Tilley, Elite Women
40th, Kari Studley, Elite Women

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