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Cross Country
3rd, Connie Misket, Beg/Sport Female SS
5th, Kimber Gabryszak, Beg/Sport Female SS
9th, Katrina Lorea, Beg/Sport Female SS
4th, Alex Fabbro, Pro/Expert Female SS
36th, Stella Carey, Pro/Expert (Fe)Male SS
2nd, Janet Lafleur, Beginner Female 40-44
4th, Michelle Perez, Beginner Female 40-44
9th, Cindy Shambaugh, Beginner Female 45-49
5th, Nicole Bumbaca, Sport Female 19-29
8th, Beth Welliver, Sport Female 19-29
30th, Katrina Lorea, Sport Female 40+
40th, Daphne Hodgson, Sport Female 40+
17th, Shannon Gibson, Pro Female
25th, Erika Krumpelman, Pro Female
29th, Jennifer Tilley, Pro Female
31st, Johanna Kraus, Pro Female
34th, Rebecca Gross , Pro Female

20th, Allie Burch, Pro Female
29th, Kimber Gabryszak, Pro Female
31st, Connie Misket, Pro Female

Super D
2nd, Kathleen Bortolussi , Open Female 30+
12th, Johanna Kraus, Pro Female
13th, Alex Fabbro, Pro Female

Thule Adventure Challenge
1st, Anna Holden-Martz, Individual Female 20-29
5th, Elizabeth Cantu, Individual Female 40-49

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