Owasco Flyer – Auburn, NY 2008

June 23, 2008 · Print This Article

A little flair...

Four NY Bellas…

Sue K (Auburn Native)

Linda T (Another Auburn Native)

Kate S (moi)

MJ Kiggins (New NY Bella – who’d also done the Green Lakes Tri yesterday…)

Four stories. Only one stinking picture.

The weather cooperated – it looked grim this morning, but much to our delight, it was absolutely perfect. This race, a citizen’s 36 miler with over 200 participants, was twitchier than usual; the "controlled start" was anything but under control as we took off at 28 mph for the first 3 miles. Much jostling for positions, and shouts of "braking!" , "Slowing!" were troublingly reminiscent of the Tour de Loop which has been a notorious crash-fest.  I was even given a warning by the cycling god Glenn Swan, who did not like that I touched knuckles with him – he is not aware of my handling skills – it was not I who crashed later on – but it was probably not a good thing that I was quite that close to him.

My ride was with the fat pack until mile 24 or so when I just couldn’t bridge a gap on a hill – caught a ride with a little group of 4 or so, until I was dropped again, then rode the rest drafting a tall guy on the descents.  I ended up with 3rd woman overall, the woman who I beat so handily last year to get 2nd ended up winning today, which leads me to believe she just had had a bad day last year   


I’ll update when I get the scoop of the other perspectives…


1st W 40-49 Kate @ 1:39:13

11th W 40-49 MJ @ 2:20:33

1st W 50-59 Sue @ 1:47:15

2nd W 50-59 Linda @ 1:47:51  (a nail biter between those two!)


PS.  Super Spectating Ithaca Bellas were in the last hills all clad in their kits whooping for us – what a treat!  Thanks Amanda and crew!

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