Sue’s Report on the Green Lakes Tri

June 23, 2008 · Print This Article

Saturday 6/21/08
Green Lakes Triathlon; Green Lakes State Park; Fayetteville, NY
(aka Fayetteville Triathlon, Syracuse Triathlon or YMCA Triathlon)


This is where it all began for me one year ago…my first triathlon was here in 2007.  I never got around to documenting that first triathlon, but I do remember the terrible time I had during the swim leg.  I remember resorting to every stroke, even the doggy paddle, just to maintain some semblance of forward momentum.  I was seventh to last coming out of the water that first year!  This year I did much better.  I settled into a nice rhythm and even had the energy and presence of mind to enjoy the beautiful aquamarine blue water.  The lakes are each about 180 feet deep and swimming is usually confined to a shallow beach area.  As far as I know this triathlon is the only time that people can swim legally in the deeper portion of the lake.  I even managed to get my wet suit off without too much difficulty.  All other times I have swum with the suit on, I have struggled to remove it (in my mind I imagine it must be somewhat like having a full-grown octopus clinging to your arms and legs which you must remove before you can hop on your bike).  Who wants to bike 12 miles with an octopus clinging to them?  Once on the bike, I felt strong on the flats, but a little weaker than usual on the hills.  I did get a burst of adrenaline from fellow Bella Kate, cheering us on at the top of the steepest climb.  Amazing how someone screaming at you can do that.   Silly pride!  

It was a different story for me on the run, however.  Upon starting the run, I was seriously out of breath, even though my heart rate was reasonable, considering my exertion level.  I just kept telling myself not to worry about staying ahead of the other competitors, just to do my best.  I expected to get passed by some men, but deep down I was hoping to stay ahead of the other women.  I did end up getting passed by a couple of women, including one from Cazenovia whom I had met at a training clinic.  This was her first triathlon and she did terrific!  She even had a few words of encouragement for me as she passed by.  Somewhere between miles two and three, I was really starting to have trouble maintaining my pace and was starting to really slow down.  This also happens to be one of the prettiest views of the lake. 

Another runner passed me and again I heard words of encouragement and we commented to each other on the beauty of the lake.  Soon enough, I was approaching the finish area and by this time Janet (who had already finished her race with an awesome time) was there to cheer me on.  Again, another burst of adrenaline and I was able to get to the finish.  Janet and I walked around a little bit to cool down and search for Kate, but we never found her.  We both considered another dip in the lake to cool off, but realized we needed to get our gear out of the transition area so they could start tearing down the equipment.  By the time we loaded our gear into the cars, we were both ravenous and headed over to the picnic area where the volunteers had been preparing tossed salad, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Mmmm!  There’s nothing like some exercise to work up a hearty appetite. 

 All in all, I managed to shave almost six minutes off last year’s time, which I was very happy with.  I placed 8th out of 22 in my age category (final time = 1:28:15) and Janet placed 7th out of 12 (final time = 1:27:22).  Most of all, I am inspired to keep steady training and maintain my goal of Ironman Lake Placid in July 2010.  Hopefully I can convince Jan-O to tackle it as well!

 Finally, for those of you who might not have seen this yet, I’d like to leave with a link to a YouTube video – “The Triathlon Song.”  It sums up this wacky lifestyle perfectly.  Feels so good when you are done!

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