Kirkland Cross Race – Clinton, NY

September 21, 2008 · Print This Article

by Katina 


(This is POST-race, of course.  Normally our hair looks a lot better.)

Fall in New York is a beautiful time of year and it is also is the harbinger to the fall cyclocross season. Throughout the U.S. this weekend, many cross races were taking place, but the organizers, director, and officials at the Kirkland Cross Race deserve kudos for putting on their first cyclocross race in grand style which was also the first race in the series, i.e., eastern series. Your loyal NY VB cross racer, Katina and strikingly handsome husband, Jeff, in tow (along with two supportive parents) arrived at the race venue. Jeff raced in two morning races (yes, two!!) while I drank coffee and cheered from the sidelines. As Jeff’s 2nd race was about to conclude, our honorable Captain Kate arrived. I was so glad to see her and was just as happy to know that this would increase the women’s field to four entries. Kate originally planned to ride her trusty mountain bike (which seemed like a good call considering there was a sketchy descent that required a seasoned mountain biker, like myself, to pull out a foot to balance). However, Kate worked her girly wiles on a trusting soul and he loaned her his ‘cross bike. She came zipping around the start/finish line looking like a seasoned pro. However, on her pre-ride, she broke the chain (must be power in those legs) and she resorted to riding her mountain bike.
At the start, the four women lined up beside the single-speed men and the men asked where they should stand. Personally, I think they should stand behind us because in the history of our country, we’ve stood behind men too long (sorry — short feminist rant there) but there were so few that we all stood together. The start was fast and Sarah K. who regularly trains on this course took off fast and I was in pursuit. Sarah has incredible leg speed on any open area, but any time the course narrowed into single track, I was able to close the gap and stay on her wheel. I was unable to come around Sarah and she would eventually put a gap on me. On the final lap, I rode clean and reached the bottom of the tricky run-up while Sarah was just remounting at the top. I hoped stay within in touch of Sarah’s wheel, but like I said, she’s got this incredible leg speed and she won by about 15 seconds. I ended up 2nd place and Kate was 4th. I’m trying to persuade Kate to do more cross racing as I think she’s got good handling skills and leg speed. As for me, someone called me a “diesel engine” out on the race course. Even though diesels are known for their longevity, they don’t necessarily have a lot of speed. Gotta work on some speed before the state championships in November.

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  1. LiLynn on September 24th, 2008 11:54 am

    You two look soooo cute. I bought a cross dress bike this weekend. No pedals yet. Can’t wait to try it but my time is running out. Foot surgery in 3 weeks. ouch.

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