Beat the Clock

March 31, 2009 · Print This Article

By Marsha Kirschbaum
Berkeley, California

Beat the Clock
A Low Key TT and fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong foundation’s fight against cancer

I love these practice races and am so happy that Patt is doing them again this year. I was really happy to see teammates at a time trial event! (Erika, Linda, Andi and Liz). Marsha KirschbaumThis is my first race in a while, so I was going through a list trying to remember all the things I had to bring and equipment to test to see if it still worked. I was feeling pretty good about this and fairly relaxed when I had a moment of reflection in the last Port o Potty visit before lineup and thought I had better ask someone if my number was okay. As I stepped out the door, I saw Erika and asked her about it. She said, “it’s on upside down.” “Seriously?” “Seriously.” Bless her heart, she let several people go in front of her while she hastily unpinned and repinned my number. And she had an earlier start time than I did. Thank you Erika!

I got a nice holding start and off I went, trying not to go out too fast. I wanted to save a little for the return trip, as I know it is harder. Dawn Neisser started 1 minute behind me. I knew she was very close when my heart rate monitor soared to 196. My heart has never seen a rate like that, so I figured it was Dawn. Sure enough about 1 minute later she passed me and then put on the afterburners and disappeared into the distance like a SR71. I managed to hold off Jennie Phillips, who started a 2 minutes behind me, so that felt good.

Today was a little cool, but no wind. I had to break once during the TT as a car made a U turn in front of me and then just sat cross wise in my lane for a bit. Crazy. I left all my energy out on the course and I couldn’t ask more than that . . . well, maybe just a little more speed :)) I did a short cool down and then went to the Berkely Hills course to practice for next weeks TT w/ Nancy F.

My body feels deliciously tired.

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