2009 Skinnyman Tri – Skaneateles, NY

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Labor Day weekend!

Last race of the year for most of us…Skaneateles, NY:

The most beautiful lake I’ve ever swum in…I’ve wanted for two years to do a tri, and the Skinnyman Tri is THE one that has lured me into this foolish sport, because the lake is so beautiful and clean.  So after a winter of pool swimming, and reacquainting myself with “running” the weekend  and 4:45 am, Saturday morning finally arrived.


Perfect temperature: air temps were to rise to the mid 70s, and the water was said to be around 72ยบ.  I didn’t even notice the temperature of the water, it was so perfect.

Here I am looking cheery while attempting to get into my sausage casing.


And these are some of the 750 participants that day waiting like cattle to be herded up to the starting area.


So, this was my 2nd ever tri, and I was not sure about how the swim would go, since I had been told of the potential for being bopped in the nose by flailing arms and legs.  While the water was lovely, and I was able to follow lots of bubbles and came upon feet facing upward of those racers doing the back stroke to rest, there were more than a couple times that people seemed more aggressive than necessary, especially on the buoy corners.  I eventually found myself swimming among other capped racers, which was an encouraging sign that I had improved my speed over the previous tri’s swim leg.

On the bike, I had agonized over which bike to bring:  TT or road.  Road bike has much better gearing for the hills.  I’d practiced the course on both, but really just couldn’t tell. Well, I found I never got out of the big ring, despite the hills, so in hind sight, I should have brought the TT to hammer better on the flats and descents.  Still had a time that I was ok with and I managed to pick off quite a few ahead of me.

The run, however was completely unfun, slow-legged, and too full bladder did not make a happy combination.  I counted the number who passed me as well as those *I* passed, and the former was greater than the latter, unfortunately.  Still, I got it done and crossed the finish line to get 3rd in my age group.

Here’s NY Bella Kim, “you’ll notice the gleeful expression I am sporting as evidence of my pure enjoyment and nearness to Nirvana.”  Well, she smoked the guy in red, Nirvana or not!


Here’s Ace (who’d been fasting for Ramadan the last few days – and who had especially excellent run and swim legs.)  (Note to self:  don’t eat during the days, only the nights before the race…)



Post race pose with Bella Tatoo and Bella Kristin and her pink flair crate.  Kristin was the only Bella with the guts this year to do the “I’m all that” category – the Tri, and the next day 3 more races – one swim, one hill climb and one running race.



Bella Jano, Sunday morning before the Escape from the Judge 1 mile swim race.  She’s Swedish and refused to wear a wetsuit, the nut!



SO, results of the CNY Bellas:

Skinnyman Tri

Women 25-29:

Ace El Yacoubi 4th place

Kristin Mullally 17th place


Women 35-39

Kim Behrman 17th place


Women 45-49

Kate Stewart 3rd

Mary Jo Kiggins 17th


Escape from the Judge Swim:

Women 25-29

Kristin Mullally 5th


Women 50-54

Janet Ohlsen 4th


Coon Hill Grind Hill Climb:

Women 25-29

Kristen Mullally 3rd

“I’m All That” Weekend Overall Competition

Women 25-29

Kristen Mullally 3rd



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3 Responses to “2009 Skinnyman Tri – Skaneateles, NY”

  1. Whitney on September 12th, 2009 2:46 pm

    Hooray for the New York Bellas!

  2. Michelle on September 15th, 2009 6:20 pm

    Looks like it was a great time for sure, Thats a lot of participants very exciting.. Yay VB Grrrls!!!!!


  3. LiLynn Graves on September 16th, 2009 7:39 am

    So this is where all my girls went! I miss my team this year. I was very lonely in vermont. Not one VB. Lucky to have Ivy there to cheer me on. You girls are awesome. Something I will NEVER “tri.”

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