MUD CITY: NY Bellas Go Cross

October 25, 2009 · Print This Article


Red Cross Race – hosted by the Cornell Cycling Team

Broome-Tioga Sports Center, Richford, NY

October 24, 2009



How is it cold, rainy and muddy weather still don’t prevent L Dawg from flashing her model-like smile?  Must be the pink handlebar tape.  In any event, it was wet, it was muddy, it was gross.  But hell yes, it would have been a blast on the moto-cross track if it had been dry.



Classic Whoop-de-doo bumps!



Katina shows her winning pace.  A hanging tongue helps to keep the momentum up.




Another NY Bella with great teeth (and pearls): Laura Koz.

Final results – Open Women:

1st – Katina Sayers-Walker

5th Laura Kozlowski

8th LiLynn Graves






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