NY Bellas Finish out Cross Season

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Angela and I finished the Cyclocross season with a race from hell! After completing two fun races in Greene, NY: Nov 7th Greene Cyclocross and the Dave Panella Memorial Cyclocross Race on Nov 14th, we headed to Power Cross in Baldwinsville on Nov 21st with much anticipation. We were both riding our new cyclocross bikes, Angela on her new Fuji comp and me on a Ellsworth Roots in VB colors! Thank you VB Emily Kurze!!

The contrast was stark both in weather and terrain.


The weather at the Greene and Panella Cyclocross races was sunny, and a balmy 48-50 degrees!. The course designers perfected the Death Spirals with bikes seeming to head towards each other for a game of chicken. Unfortunately at the Dave Panella race a rider crossed over into Angela’s path and collided into her. Angela with that VB spirit jumped back on her bike and was able to throw herself right back into the fray. To celebrate our participation, we were treated to a free bottle of Ommegang beer at the Panella race and crazy decorative mugs at the Greene Cyclocross.


The Power Cross was another matter-cold, cloudy with a sadistic hill requiring a Herculean climbing effort including a barrier? placed smack in the middle of the hill, heading into the steepest part! Picture a hill most suitable for downhill skiing. My shoes kept popping off my heels with every step! There were two all too brief down hills to recover but both required intense concentration to avoid wiping out on the turns or rattled to death by the uneven terrain. Other than that the course was flat and soggy so no opportunity to coast through the turns. We were very happy we persevered and finished no worse for wear, loving our respective bikes and ready to end the season!!

VB Kathleen Rutishauser was there to cheer us on with cow bell and camera. Thanks to Kathleen for some great pictures!


PS Hope to see more VB’s out there for the 2011 season!!

Power Cross, Baldwinsville
Cynthia Schnedeker , 8th, Women
Angela Ott, 9th, Women
Greene Cyclocross:
Angela Ott, 6th, Open Women
Cynthia Schnedeker, 5th Master’s Women
Dave Panella Cyclocross
Angela Ott: 10th, Open Women

Cynthia Schnedeker, 4th Master’s Women


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