First Race of the 2011 Season

April 23, 2011 · Print This Article

Ciao tutti!

CYL or Check Your Legs in New Lisbon, NY  one week ago was a cloudy, dreary, cold and blustery start to the road racing season! The two lap 25 mile course featured a half mile climb with  rolling hills.  There were 7 women riders representing Corning, Mission in Motion and Velo Bella (me). Ex VB racer but will always be a bella at heart LiLynn won riding for her new Corning team. 

I was able to stay with the leading group of 5 women until the first major hill and then proceeded to get dropped. TT’d it all the way home and felt like a kite blowin in the wind (at one point racing downhill at 10 mph!).  It reminded me of a math word problem…if you are traveling at x mph against a 30 mph wind how long will it take you to travel a 25 mile course. Answer-too long!

Hopefully, the weather for upcoming races in May will be a tad warmer and not quite so windy!

Hope to see you out on the bike!


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