My Podium Shot

June 24, 2007

by Denise

So, I decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to do this criterium in Stockton and had a kick-ass time…..I got 2nd place. The course was great, it was nice’n warm, and there were plenty of Port o’Johns, which is a plus in my race book. An EMC gal and I agreed to work together on the last 2 laps, so we could place–which we did.

I quickly realized that if you race in the front of the group, the announcers will call out your name on most every lap, which makes you feel like a rock star. Since, I had no other teammates in this race, I was able to move about pretty easily, with no other worries, except keeping myself safe and riding smart.

Here’s a recap of how dang famous, for 40-minutes, I really was:

“Denise Ramirez of Velo Bella is out of the saddle chasing down

“Velo Bella is charging around this corner.”

“Velo Bella was nipped at the line for this preem.”

Photo Courtesy of Steven Woo
“Here comes EMC and Velo Bella for the sprint finish! Velo Bella is
coming along side and is she going to get it?! EMC takes the win, with
Velo Bella second, and Team X taking the third spot!”

So with that, EMC gal and I gladly scooped up our prize envelope and we looked around for the podium. What?! No podium photo?! If I bust my female balls, for any race and I place, I want to relish in the limelight a bit longer and have my picture taken, like the rock star I am!

I decide to take my own picture with my prize envelope. Cheesy I know, but this is my race and my blog, so here you have it–taken in my backyard. I pulled out my 4-hour old, wrinkly, sweaty jersey from my backpack and put the dang thing on, just for this podium shot.

I just opened my prize envelope and not only was it chock full of $$, it contained a hand-made card and lots of glitter’n stuff. Someone took their time to make this and I think it’s lovely… makes up for the lack of an official podium shot.