Red Cross Race, NY

October 24, 2009



Red Cross Race, NY

 1st, Katina Sayers-Walker, Women
5th, Laura Kozlowski, Women
8th, Lilynn Graves, Women

Central Coast CX #3

October 18, 2009

CCCX #3, Toro Park, Salinas, CA


3rd, Devon Haskell, Men B
6th, Miss Mary Perez, Women B
2nd, Kristine Thompson, Women C
3rd, Rachel Wolff, Women C

U.S. Women’s Triathlon, San Diego, CA

October 18, 2009

U.S. Women’s Triathlon, San Diego, CA

55/98 Eva Maynard, Women 25-29
3/117 Raja Lahti, Women 30-34
8/117 Meredith Caccese, Women 30-34
1/119 Amy Larson, Women 35-39
19/119 Amara Silva, Women 35-39
3/96 DeeAnn Smith, Women 40-44
7/96 Christine Silcox, Women 40-44
3/73 Theresa Espinosa, Women 45-59
15/73 Lynn Scozzari, Women 45-49
21/73 Deanna Garcia, Women 45-49 
8/36 Cindy O’Grady, Women 50-54
4/21 Jackie Bickford, Triumph Wave 
19/21 Joan Kling, Triumph Wave

Super Sprint-
3/70 Victoria Jones, Women 40-49

Kisscross–Caledonia, MI

October 18, 2009

Kisscross–Caledonia, MI

3rd, Monica Tory, Women B

Mad Anthony Cyclocross, MI

October 17, 2009


Mad Anthony Cyclocross, MImadstart2

5th, Monica Tory, Women 1/2/3

Lion of Fairfax CX

October 17, 2009

Lion of Fairfax CX


Photo by Dylan McReynolds

1st, Devon Haskell, Women A
8th, Amy Able, Women B

Utah Cyclocross Series #3–Heber County Fairgrounds, UT

October 17, 2009

Utah Cyclocross Series #3–Heber County Fairgrounds, UT

1st, Kathy Sherwin, Women A

Hooked On Cross

October 13, 2009

By Dionne Ybarra-Knudsen
Pacific Grove, California

Dionne Ybarra-Knudsen Velo Bella

Instantly hooked!

Yesterday I attended the Cross clinic sponsored by no there than ours truly, Velo Bella.  Not knowing at all what in the world I was getting into which is always better, I borrowed a mountain bike from my friend’s daughter, and shoes, cleats and pedals from Miss Mary. I received lots of encouragement from other Bellas. 

The clinic was so helpful!!!!! A must-visit when offered again. I was so excited afterwards when my new friend Susie Barber hooked me up by taking me to get some new mtn bike shoes. 

Race day, very nervous, total fish out of water. But again the Bella Crew true to their form helped calm my nerves with gettin me together and all of their encouragement. I met Rachel Wolff at the back of the start, so sweet, both our first time and both of us on mountain bikes.  On my first lap I fell in love!!!!!!!!!!  The pain, fatigue, dirt in my mouth, the nerves.  It was all wonderful and I can’t wait to do it again.

Today I learned about overdressing, about the importance of the right equipment, and that you can teach an old dog new tricks. There are definitely benefits of being of part of the right cycling team.  I couldn’t have done without the team support. Grazie!

Ommegang Brewery Cross, NY

October 12, 2009

Better late than ever…but the setting and these photos,

courtesy of Sue Atwood and Rebecca McCarthy, should make the lateness of the report worth it…

October 4, 2009 Cooperstown, NY



A total blast of a race – complete with beer handoffs, the course running through a circus tent, celebrity racers in the Open Women, a great live band and Nutella as prizes.

Open women had a VERY tough field, including a 19 year old junior pro who had been racing for Lip Smacker, Anna Young.  Suffice it to say, she smoked the field quite handily, and then went off and did the open mens’ race and beat most of them as well.


The changing leaves in brisk central NY…it was a BITTER cold start, but by the time the open women’s race began, it was warm enough for some to race with jerseys unzipped…see the blog link below.


Sue entering the beer tent…



Buff-legged Katina rounding a corner..


So, here’s the celebrity sighting: Bicycling Magazine’s “Fitness Chick” Selene Yeager, who was no slouch.  At all.  Check out her blog on the race


Official results have yet to be posted, but here’s what I THINK we got:

Women 4s:

Christy Chambers – 1st

Open Women:

Katina Sayers-Walker ~5th?

Kate Stewart ~ 8th?

Sue Atwood ~ 10th?

PS.  Here’s our Race Wench, Kim and assistant Eric.  She “won’t” race cross.  Yet.


And I couldn’t help but add this other mascot – from our “Brother Team, SCARR-Ommegang”


Surf City Cyclocross Series #1

October 11, 2009

SCCX #1, Soquel High School, Soquel, CA


Photo by Steve Anderson

3rd, Sabine Dukes, Master Women 35+
1st, Soni Andreini-Poulsen, Master Women 45+
3rd, Janet Lafleur, Master Women 45+
7th, Miss Mary Perez, Women B
3rd, Dionne Ybarra, Women C
6th, Rachel Wolff, Women C

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